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Our Founder

Dr. Devendra Sadana


POSi is lead by our founder and CEO, Dr. Devendra Sadana.  Our founder brings together his more than thirty years of expertise at the cutting-edge of silicon and semiconductor engineering to usher in a new revolution in the green energy sector.  Using the foundational IP he developed at IBM, Dr. Sadana has created POSi's revolutionary Li-Si anode design.  Some of his accolades include:

Elected a Distinguished Engineer at IBM in 2014 for his pioneering work on SOI materials which had impacted over ten generations of high-performance CMOS products.

Fellow of SPIE, a reputable Society for Optics related technologies.


Published over 300 papers, written 14 book chapters, and is a sought-out speaker on a variety of technological topics.


Co-inventor of more than 800 issued patents and is included in the list of most prolific inventors in Wikipedia. His work on energy storage and energy harvesting alone has resulted over 100 issued patents.



IBM - T J Watson Center


Research Felllow


PhD in Physics

Managed world class scientists and researched a wide-spectrum of materials, processes, and technologies including energy harvesting, energy storage, Si, SOI, III-V, and III-N based materials and devices, quantum computing materials, phase change memory materials and devices among many others.

At IBM, Dr. Sadana lead advanced substrate research in CMOS technology, photovoltaics, and optoelectronics.

Research Fellow • Performed research on semiconductor materials and their characterization at the University of Oxford, England, UC, Berkeley, Microelectronics Center of North Carolina, and Philip Research Labs, CA

Indian Institute of Technology

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